Cruisaholics Sea Voyages
The Score Family
A:  Yes, the group will be eating dinner together.  We will have a set dinner time, approx.
6 pm, and assigned tables in the dining room.  All tables will be near each other.
No need to pre-pick table mates, as you will
not have assigned seating*.  You are welcome to sit at any of the
tables assigned to our group.  
This is a great opportunity to dine with different ones each night and
get to know everyone in the group
.  If you want to dine with someone in particular just make prior
arrangements with them during the day.
* Sometimes the ship requires the 1st night only to have assigned seating.
Note:  Our trips always feature the group having dinner together; except the 2006  Alaska cruise, NCL
changed their policy to "FreeStyle" cruising and did not allow us to make group reservations for dining. Sorry
we were not able to dine together on that sailing.
Q: Can I eat Dinner
with the group?
Can I pick my table
Q: What is the
secrets, surprises
and mysteries you
We like to keep the trip interesting so we don't tell you everything you are going to experience. It's exciting
enjoy the suspense!
Q: Why is the second
A:  There are vendors, such as the airlines, tour conductors, etc. that your deposits pay that are
A:  About 4 - 6 weeks prior to your vacation, you will receive all your travel tickets, if you live at a distance from
us we will mail them to you, signature required. If you live near us, we will deliver in person.
Q: When do our
vacation tickets
Q: What forms of
payments do you
A:  We accept cash, check, and the following credit cards, Mastercard, Visa, Discover. Charges will show from
Royal Caribbean and / or Cruisaholics Sea Voyages.
Note: If you are wanting to use American Express, this is limited, please contact us.
Each vacation is different please note the current vacation's requirements. We do reccommend always traveling
with a valid passport book because if there was an emergency, or if you miss a ship's departure from a port,
will require a valid passport for all international flights. That means if you need to fly to/ from a foriegn
port you will be
denied by the airline if you do not have a valid passport.
Do I need a passport?
How much money
should I bring?
Remember your vacation price includes almost everything.  You will need lunch money for port days if your
package does
not include it and if you do not plan on returning to the ship for lunch. Airport days, since the
airlines do not provide meals on board you
may wish to purchase a meal at the airport before boarding your
flights. Also, the airlines are charging for checked bags and over weight bags.
(see details). If you plan to rent
any snorkel gear, jet skis, etc. at the beach, or if you want to purchase souvenirs. Your cruise tips are included
however bring money for tips for tour guides, bus drivers, and porters, etc.
Q: What does limited
travel insurance
Please see Travel Insurance.
Q: What are the
cancellation policies?
Each vacation has different dates, Please see the current cruise details for cancellation dates. If you cancel
after the final payment date for reasons covered by insurance then you can receive a refund according to
the insurance policy.
Q: Are you a travel
agent? Do you own
Cruisaholics Sea
A:  Yes and yes.  Christine was a travel agent for a few years and worked for a travel agency. but in 1996 we
decided to start our own travel agency, Cruisaholics Sea Voyages. We are all legal and licensed, we choose
not to sell to the general public, but just book the group cruises for the friends.  We enjoy traveling with
everyone and we hope you all do too.
Q: How many cruises
been have you guys
been on? What
started you cruising?
Eddie and Christine have been on 25 cruises, Joshua has been on 16 cruises, Jacob has been on 13 cruises,
Mariah has been on
2 cruises.

Eddie and Christine took their 1st cruise when Eddie's family paid for them to go for their honeymoon in 1987.
They didn't think they'd ever be able to go again, however in 1988 they went for their anniversary.  They then
decided that they wanted to try to go once a year and have a cruise for every year they've been married.  
Their plan didn't quite work as they have completed 25 cruises and been married 3
3 years.

The Score's have had groups as big as 90 persons and as small as just the two of them and everything in
between. The oldest person who has sailed with them was 96 years old (Melvin Sargent) and the youngest
cruiser was 9 months old (Aidan Walsh). Their sons Joshua & Jacob sailed when they were 1 1/2 years old.
With both of the boys Christine sailed 6 months pregnant, so I guess you could say they were born to cruise.

We are excited that we have had so many great experiences, good times and memories, especially all the
memories of traveling with all the family and friends. It's the only way to travel.  Some of the friends we see only
on vacations and it's great to meet up with you guys. All our travels have made us firm believers that you need
to take time out to spend with family and friends enjoying creation.  The more we go, the more we feel we are
experiencing a taste of the real life, and how wonderful paradise will be. We hope all of you can take a break
from this old system and join us on one of our adventures and see the wonders of creation.
Q: What should I
pack? How is the
Days on board are casual, and you'll be most comfortable in everyday clothing.  Good walking shoes are great
when on deck and tours.
Pants are required for ice skating and are recommend for the ice shows. (not
available on all ships; see
ship details). A light jacket or sweater is nice.  2 bathing suits is nice so you always
have a dry one. There are 2 formal nights for dining.
All ports are topical, so always a chance of rain. For
packing reminders see the
Packing List
Q: What should I NOT
Towels, the ship provides them.  If you need a towel in port just use a pool towel, but please make sure to
return it to the ship.
Hair dryers are provided on the ship, however the ship's hair dryers do NOT have
attachments, if you need attachments then you should bring your own dryer.
Don't pack alcoholic beverages
as they are not allowed by the cruise line.
Q: How much do
checked bags and
over weight bags
A: Yes, the price includes the cruise lines port charges, gov. taxes & fees.  It also, includes hotel and
airfare taxes and cruise tips.
Q: Who can I invite?
Q: Does the price
include port charges
& taxes?
A: We greatly appreciate it if you only invite easy-going, fun-loving persons who display Christian
matters. Thank you.
Q: I don't want
anyone to see my
legal name. I go by a
different name,  What
should I do?
The ships are basicly non-smoking, however they do have some areas designated as smoking.  So, if you are
relaxing by the pool and smell smoke, and see ash trays on the tables, then you are on the smoking side.  
avoid smoke simply move to the other side of the ship.
Q: Are the ships
A: Do not worry many people do NOT use their legal names.  We are good secret keepers, so you need not
worry.  As long as you let us know what name you go by then any papers that do NOT require your legal name
we will enter your A.K.A. name.  We send out a phone list to the group with everyone's name, so if you don't
want your legal name on there make sure you let us know.  You can simply mark it on the Booking Form.
When it asks for your legal name, please put in your legal name and then type A.K.A. and put in the name you
go by.
 Example: (In the box that says Enter Pax 1's legal name) Michael Smith A.K.A. Mike.
Q: Can I wash my
Q: Can I call home or
can someone call me
on board the ship?
A: Yes, it is $ 7.95 per minute.  You can make ship-to-shore calls from your stateroom 24 hrs a day. It will
be automatically charged to your on board account. Your friends and / or family can contact the ship from
inside the U.S. # 888-724-7447. Outside U.S. # 732-335-3285. It will be charged to their credit card.  From
outside the  U.S.
additional long-distance charges will apply.
When in port your own cell phone plan's fees for international calls would apply.
Is there computer
access on board ?
A: Yes, in selected areas on the ship. 24 hrs a day, at a nominal fee.  Information available on board.
What can I do for
A: Natural remedies are Amino Acids -- Christine swears by these! The pressure point wrist bands, you can purchase
at a local drug store (Christine loves these), you can bring
ginger root capsules or amino acids (from a health store)
with you to take during the cruise (best to start a week before at home), the
Purser's Desk on board gives out FREE
seasick pills.  If you are really bad, for a fee, you can
get a shot from the ship doctor. The Caribbean Sea has very
smooth waters to sail in, you probably won't even feel the ship move.  Also most ships are huge and have stabilizers, they
ain't rockin.
Q: Why should I
travel with you?
We take care of everything for you!  Basically, you give us a little info., pack, and show up on time. We take care
of all the details so you can throughly enjoy your vacation. Our buses, tours, etc. are for our group only,  so you
don't have to worry about being next to some weird stranger. Still, not sure if you want to travel with us?  Why not
talk to someone who has traveled with us and get their option or try it, you'll like it. For answers to questions on
how our all-inclusive packages see our page
We are
honeymooners  / not
"group" people, would
we have fun on one of
your vacations?
A: Well, our tours have tons of romance! Hold hands walking through a half lit cave, find a hidden waterfall in the
jungle, feel the awe of seeing Mayan ruins covered in morning mist. Jump in your mates arms as you walk through a herd
of iguanas. Take a romantic sunset stroll on deck with the ocean and islands are your backdrop. The romance is
unlimited! Remember, if you went alone on the cruise you would still be seated with others at dinner (strangers), and be on
a tour bus with others (strangers). Being with the group actually adds a comfort and joy that you won’t find with alone or
with strangers. In fact there’s more laughs and smiles with the group of friends. Don’t worry there is plenty of opportunities
to have alone time.  Go to a speciality restaurant for dinner a night or two on the vacation and it’ll just be the two of you for
dinner. Breakfast and lunch are not scheduled with the group (unless on tour) so go have a a breakfast or lunch for two.
Sit in the hot tub, the pool, at the show together, just the two of you. Your not required to do everything with the group.
However, you may just find yourselves looking for the group, because hanging out with the friends gets addicting
Are your vacation
packages good for
families? Older ones?
A: Yes, in fact we always travel with our own children. All the tours are something everyone, young or old will
enjoy. Traveling can give a family great memories and experiences together that can bond a family closer
together. There is also plenty of opportunities for mom and dad to go wine tasting together while the kids are
rock climbing.
A: Yes, the ship will do your laundry at a nominal fee.  Information available on board.
Q: How much should
I tip?
average recommendations.
Bus drivers: $ 2.00 to $ 3.00 per person. Did he assist with luggage? Did he go out of his way to help in other ways?
Then leave extra if you want.
1/2 Day Tour Guides: $ 3.00 to $ 4.00 per person.  Did he work extra hard? Was he very knowledgeable about the tour?
Extra entertaining? Then leave extra if you want.
Full Day Tour Guides: $ 4.00 to $ 5.00 per person. Did he work extra hard? Was he very knowledgeable about the
tour? Extra entertaining? Then leave extra if you want.
Hotel Maids: $ 2.00 to $ 3.00 per night per bed. Did she work extra hard? Bring you extra items i.e. Towels, soaps, etc.?
Then leave extra if you want.
Bellman / Porters: $ 1.00 to $ 2.00 per bag. Are the bags extra heavy? Did they work extra hard? Then leave extra if
you want.